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The most alluring thing a woman can have is confidence.


what is boudoir

A boudoir shoot is a sexy and sensual photoshoot designed to empower the woman. Boudoir photography is very tasteful and nudity tends to be implied rather than explicit 

Boost Your Confidence!

Beauty is the illumination of your soul
—John O'Donohue 


I believe every woman is beautiful and my goal, as a photographer, is to embrace your inner beauty.

Portraits are my favorite genre of photography.  I love capturing someone’s personality, to embrace their inner beauty with artistic feel.  

Boudoir photography gives me an opportunity to gain model's trust and connect with them on different level.

I make sure you feel comfortable and show your body as much or as little as you desire. 

confidence = beauty

How to book a session

Go to pricing page, choose package you would like to order, pay 50% deposit. As soon as I receive conformation about your order, I will contact you to set up day and time of photoshoot. We will go over what to wear and what to bring for photoshoot and clear any other questions you may have.

For make up artist, to see your skin shade, I will ask you to sent me your photo (face), preferably without make up.

Don't worry about how to pose. During the session, I will guide you. Trust me, I have lot of ideas. I'm also open to what you want to achieve, if you send me looks that inspires you, we will make it happened. 

Photoshoot if Fun!


My studio is located in Lake Worth, Florida. If you prefer to have photoshoot in your house or any specific locations, contact me directly.

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